Explosive breaching equipment

Each system is designed to perform reliably in austere environments. Dave, I have been tasked with researching breaching kits for our team. After the chemical fuze delay burned out the explosive charge detonated, clearing a large area by Inert Explosive Training Aids for Explosives and Pyrotechnics including commercial explosives, military explosives, IED training aids, kits, replica ordnance and artillery, replica grenades, rockets, inert missles, inert grenades, replica landmines and limpet mines, inert pyrotechnics, simulated IEDs, inert detonators, blasting caps, visual training kits, boosters, inert detonating cord, time 07 Time To move breaching equipment to breach site. E.

Kiwi Breaching Products is a woman owned small business supplying breaching equipment to law enforcement and Spiritus Systems worked closely with DARC and applied this first hand knowledge to create a product specifically for the explosive breaching community. When shopping for new breaching tools, look for the quality of construction and the types of material the tools are made from. Long story short, in the past we always approached with a ram and halo, but more and Spiritus Systems worked closely with DARC and applied this first hand knowledge to create a product specifically for the explosive breaching community.

558 29 May 2013 CONDITION: Given a mission, commanders intent, breaching elements within the recon teams, required equipment during daytime and nighttime conditions. An opening, tear, or rupture. “Sergeant Wise, you got comms?” In the gully behind him, Sergeant Wise shook her head followed by the rest of the Toyota has been a proud sponsor of the OTOA since 2012.

It supports performance demolition missions across the full range of operations. Additionally, breaching equipment is listed under the Approved Equipment Lists (AELs) for DHS grant purchasing. All explosive breaching during this course will be conducted on a live venue with targets ranging from wood and heavy metal doors, windows, many types of interior and exterior walls, and even breaching through roofs.

We stand behind all the blasting and EOD equipment we sell and we know it will help you get the job done right. Army explosive experts have ginned up a smaller version of the thermite grenade that works like a tiny blowtorch, capable of cutting through steel obstacles. Tactical breaching operation procedures.

There I breached as many as seven doors on a single hit and used it to destroy or disable equipment that was too heavy View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Tactical Breaching PPT. 10 Number Of lanes opened by the breaching operation. The Green Eye Tactical Progressive Breaching Course is designed to present operational units with essential skills at the fundamental level.

Bomar Tactical provides breaching equipment that has been designed and tested by SWAT Team Breachers. E4 CORE Conduct forced entry operations (e. S.

The Scalable Thermite Breaching Tools *+1. It replaces the Giant Viper, and has the ability to clear a safe lane in minefields 180–200m long and 7. Our Breach Door adds a whole new dimension to training realism and eliminates the problems faced when training breaching techniques to students.

A new level to training that is realistic and helps to eliminate problems faced when teaching breaching techniques. Explosive Breaching Door offers realistic and affordable training for situations that involve explosive breaching of inward opening doors. Mistral Security, Inc.

We offer a range of mechanical breaching tools as well as accessories for explosive breaching for special forces of military and law enforcement. Action Target has developed a revolutionary Tactical Breaching Door™ that affords instructional staff the best option for consistent and realistic training. Breaching The Administrative Barriers Mechanical breaching capabilities for most S.

It is designed to provide protection from explosive entry devices. 08 Percent Of obstacles in the AO that have been breached. Our Omni Universal Breaching System (UBS) is just what you need.

W. Breaching frames allow entry teams to quickly set up and place an explosive charge, reducing the team members’ exposure to danger. “We’ve got the explosive breaching assets here, but we’re going to need to take out those—” His transmission cut off; his HUD went completely black.

From Blasting machines to Drones we have a full line of products to help keep you safe and productive. 2 equipment and capabilities. a.

Home to more than a dozen theme parks and the world’s most famous mouse, Orlando boasts a bustling nightlife, a growing food and wine scene, and a state-of-the-art performance center. The Strip-Lock Explosive Breaching Door can be installed into a structure or utilized with the optional Free Standing Kit as shown. Understanding breaching theory is the first step to understanding breaching tactics.

While not the total answer to all breaching challenges, the Wallbanger is a very useful addition to the law enforcement arsenal. A method for breaching a minefield comprising the step of deploying a shaped charge array from a vehicle to detonate the minefield. The aim of this 4 day course is to introduce the student to time tested and operationally proven drills and procedures in order to establish or further enhance an existing explosive breaching program within their unit or department.

The door can be installed Cutting rebar following explosive breaching of concrete walls. • Easy to use BREACHING SYSTEMS. Andrew a type of explosive for breaching during Dynamic Entry practical application Feb.

Full tactical explosive breaching equipment and all personal protection items (your standard operational kit – ensure you have long sleeves and pants, ballistic helmet, ballistic projectile eye/ear protection, and sturdy gloves) Respiratory protection, particulate type mask or better for working in dust and debris producing environments Royal Arms is a manufacturer of specialized Tactical Breaching, Hostage Rescue, Close Quarter Combat, and EOD/IED bomb disposal equipment. The skills will be presented in a manner where all training systems will be common, regardless of the environment and situation. Explosive breaching, employing such means as the mine-clearing line charge (MICLIC), M173 line charge, or 1/4-pound blocks of TNT.

Door breaching is a process used by military, police, or emergency services to force open a closed and/or locked door. This Breacher Blanket measures 72 inches by 32 inches giving the specialized operator or specialized team the desired level of protection needed for entry. Application Requirements for Controlled Equipment Expenditures Any entity.

The BTI Strip-Lock Explosive Breaching Door offers realistic and affordable training for situations that involve explosive breaching of inward opening doors. Last week a buddy of mine showed me a video of this thermal breaching option called the Breachpen. Timing is Everything.

Factual, impartial and current. Global Assets Integrated, formally Global Assets TAC Group, handles all counter- and anti-terrorism, bomb tech, tactical, and security training and consulting. AES produces a line of specialty breaching charges used by Military and Law Enforcement agencies around the world.

This mounting frame is not only dimensioned for mechanical and hydraulic breaching, the heavy construction also allows explosive breaching training. Ordnance Removal and Remediation courses include the first and only civilian UXO Technician I course certified by the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board. This Southern California-based company actually specializes in breaching equipment.

teams are usually a given, but some of the main obstacles to an explosive breaching program are administrative concerns revolving around fire hazards, structural damage and injury to personnel on both sides of the breach. The Hazardous Devices and Materials Team trains all King County Sheriff’s Office Deputies for responses to Hazmat incidents. No hazardous acetylene on site.

After the formation of the Tactical Explosive Breaching team, I began researching Explosive entry breaching frames are designed to direct explosive energy into a target structure to create an opening and limit fragmentation and damage to the surrounding area. 3. The tactical fitness training within the locker offers the athlete another dimension to the workout and training process - with the ability to train up to 20 athletes.

A wide range of methods may be used in any given situation but Explosive breaching can be the fastest method, though it is also the most dangerous, to both the breachers and the Sentry Solutions Breacher Paste is a fire-resistant solution for law enforcement and military breaching teams. This system includes a door mount- ing frame for installation of real doors. 569 likes.

Door breaching is a process used by military, police, or emergency services to force open closed and/or locked doors. The Pins are designed to break at specific strengths that replicate the forces normally encountered in actual breaching operations. explosive breaching has taught us that the right equipment together with the right training will provide the best chance of success.

Designed for military and law enforcement use, BLACKHAWK® Dynamic Entry breaching tools are designed for mission-specific requirements so Nothing Shall Stand In Your Way®. Equipment selected should be appropriate for the purpose for which it is issued. 2.

The Breaching Kit has been specially developed for Breaching teams, and provides them with a comprehensive selection of user-filled explosive charges. Synopsis: This course will feature an intro on what explosive breaching options exist for SWAT and SpecOps teams including cost breakdowns for training, materials and equipment. Our goal is to provide the most realistic training aids possible, at an affordable price that can meet todays budgets.

Even in situations where an explosive breach is warranted, the limited space, enclosed areas, and size of charge needed against hardened structures make over CNC stands for computer numerical control, and refers specifically to a computer "controller" that reads code instructions and drives the machine tool, a powered mechanical device typically used to fabricate metal components by the selective removal of metal Technical equipment (cameras and listening devices) Teams that have explosive breaching capabilities are encouraged to come to the class ready to use said capabilities. Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (EBAD) has partnered with T. A violation or infraction, as orders will not be processed until wednesday, march 20th (closed for special company event) Thermal, explosive, ballistic and mechanical breaching are all methods that can be used during a raid.

AES manufactures specialized breaching systems used by law enforcement and militaries around the world. Explosive wall breaching is a key capability in military operations in Free Standing Explosive Breaching Door Apparatus Model# (FSBD-DT) PRODUCT FEATURES. Explosive Ordnance Disposal requires specialized tools that are designed with safety and functionality in mind.

Eliminates "they shot first" scenarios of shotgun breaching. The Breaching Technologies Inc. Can be used as a free standing unit or mounted into any shoot or smoke house with ease.

Explosive Breaching Course - EOD technicians (4 Days) Course content includes: • History and theory of explosive breaching • Critical safety issues: calculating net explosive weight, safe stacking distance, and internal over pressure • Breaching report documentation • Breaching wood and metal doors (external and internal) The Blast Gauge® System aids the treatment & triage of traumatic brain injury (TBI) from explosive events. Explosives Detection. EOD Equipment.

that would cause it to be considered prohibited equipment, or absent specific written approval from FEMA and adherence to all relevant requirements, controlled equipment. SET Breaching system is the only manufacturer that meets all these requirements. The Gatecrasher™ is unique in that it may be loaded with detonating cord, plastic explosive, or sheet explosive allowing it to be used against a huge range of target types.

Door Breaching is a process used by military, police, or emergency services to force open closed and/or locked doors. BREACHING CHARGES. A wide range of methods are available, one or more of which may be used in any given situation.

Breachpen was founded by an Air Force PJ with the basic idea of a disposable and lightweight thermal breaching option when mechanical, ballistic and explosive breaching are not ideal or may not be needed. Fast, quiet and easy to use. The RWBK is man-portable, rapidly deployable and creates a man-size hole to gain forced entry into buildings.

Firing assemblies / firing systems. T. **NOTE: These items are made to order - do not expect them to be in stock.

Operational requirements have been prepared by ACPO in respect of equipment, firearms and less lethal weapons. By Cpl. Explosive breaching using cutting explosives through cinder block wall.

Bendable cutting rods used with rod extender allow greater use of cover. Our breaching tools and equipment combined with our knowledge and techniques prepare you for real situations. 00 Contact one of our distributors for Military and Law Enforcement Pricing Only available to Military and Law Enforcement.

Inert Products, LLC manufactures and distributes a range of Breaching Equipment tools and training aids. “Hacked!” he exclaimed. The E-Z Breach® family of products is designed for breaching structures such as locked or barricaded doors, walls, roofs and ceilings.

g. T1G Breaching Philosophy Dynamic Entry Requires a Rapid, Successful Breach. We also have expertise in explosive breaching and breaching with power tools as well.

The key to any explosion is determining not only the where and how, but when. We have diffrenent preconfigured shapes depending on your target. This course is designed for an explosive breacher who is ready to take breaching to the next level.

There is the Port Hole, Small Frame, Medium Frame, and Linear Frame. Breacher Blanket SPECS . All tools are machined using high quality US made materials and state of the art equipment to exacting standards making them the most reliable breaching tools available.

Breaching Pins are used in the Ram, Pry and Explosive Breaching Doors. 00-0012). Administrative range protocol.

Rapid Wall Breaching Kit (RWBK) RBWK addresses an immediate need to give Soldiers wall breaching capability in urban and complex terrain. explosive entries. Ballistic Protection.

• Students have the option of attending the 6 day certification course which does The objective of this course is to provide the student with the theory, concepts, principles and tactics for the safe use and deployment of mechanical, ballistic and explosive breaching. It’s a component of their extrication kit. With a little time to prepare, units can enemy equipment.

Training addresses the use of explosives for tactical entry operations and advanced knowledge in identification and response to military ordnance calls. The Explosive Breaching Characterization Handbook is a technical reference guide for use during explosive breaching training and operations. Forced Entry Tactical Training (FETT USA), provides all explosive and tactical breaching training and related services.

Whether you work in military or law enforcement EOD you understand the importance of having the right tools at the right time. The sleeve also provides a top flap with a FASTECH buckle that will secure the mechanical breaching tool. A gap or rift, especially in a solid structure such as a dike or fortification.

On successful completion of this course, the student will possess the necessary IdealBlasting. the amalgamation of breaching and fitness is the closest point to realism in the field - creating an effective training centre - one that the world has never seen. (1) Start building the general-purpose charge with a length of detonation cord about 2 feet long.

instructors are current or former law enforcement and military personnel. Documentation. AiirSource Military brings you Unlike explosive or shotgun breaching, however, all of the force is mechanically driven through a ram.

Vehicle Equipment Breaching: Which option is best for your team? My first explosive breaching demonstration and training session for our SWAT team had the same effect on the team. The technicians provide the King County Sheriff’s Office Tac-30 (SWAT) team with expertise in breaching barricaded structures and in the recognition of booby traps. LAW ENFORCEMENT AND MILITARY PURCHASES ONLY.

5 types of correctional breaching. No Explosive breaching is often the fastest and most combat-effective method. Sigma has established itself as one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of Method of Entry/Tactical breaching equipment.

Amazing what some det cord and water will do to a metal door. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Manual breaching, with Soldiers probing by hand or using such items as grappling hooks, shovels, picks, axes, and chain saws.

Mobility, ease of use and dependability are built into each of our products. Whether you seek to learn a new skill like thermal breaching, or would like a combination of various skills in one course such as ballistic/mechanical breaching, give us a call. Grant recipients and sub-recipients may not modify equipment acquired using federal resources .

They were designed by a master breacher, who took many years of breaching experience and made tools that would not fail when you needed them. The Facility, located on 68+ acres in Calhoun County Florida, provides realistic programs/courses that emphasize training as close to the operational environment as is tactically safe with direct emphasis upon live fire application Currently I instruct both Shotgun breaching and Shotgun breaching instructor classes throughout our nation. The Tucson Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team has a very active and progressive Explosive Breaching Program.

Dual Initiators are used for door breaching. Full tactical explosive breaching equipment and all personal protection items (your standard operational kit – ensure you have long sleeves and pants, ballistic helmet, ballistic projectile eye/ear protection, and sturdy gloves) Respiratory protection, particulate type mask or better for working in dust and debris producing environments Failure to successfully complete all written assignments or perform tasks as required, participant will be removed from the explosive breaching training course; Participant Equipment List. Start studying Breaching Planning.

. ) E5 NON-CORE Develop forced entry Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) E4 CORE Employ ballistic breaching systems E4 CORE Employ exothermic breaching systems E4 CORE Employ explosive breaching systems E4 CORE Employ manual breaching systems Tactical Explosive Breacher Course Basic/ Intermediate 6 Day Hands-on Training Explosive Familiarization Explosive Concepts and Terminology Breaching Explosives Priming Systems Target Analysis (Pre- and Post- Breaching) Charge Configurations and Construction Alternate Methods of Breaching Misfire Procedure . So the question remains, does the Bomb Squad take on the roll of explosive breaching or does it get turned over to SWAT? Explosive entry breaching frames are used by bomb technicians and special weapons and tactics teams to facilitate rapid entry into structures during tactical operations.

Determines the lane location based on terrain, cover and concealment for the breaching force, time, and equipment available for the breach and the maneuver scheme. If you don't bring your own you can still participate fully. Explosive Breacher Theory of Explosive Breaching, Explosive Breaching, Breacher’s Handbook and SOP Development, Charge Calculation, Charge Construction, Explosives tactical Placement Drills, Blueprint Considerations and Site Intelligence, Live Fire Drills and tactical Deployments, Building Climbing/Ladder Operations EXPLOSIVE HANDLERS & BREACHING COURSE Enroll Online Duration: 5 days Cost: $1450 Students: 8 Min – 24 Max Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military or Government Agencies The aim of this 5 day course is to introduce the student to time tested and operationally proven drills and procedu Global Assets is comprised of two divisions.

Saturday will be considered a class day, with Sunday off. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of XPowerPoint. 09 Percent Of breaching systems that are mission capable.

The student will be able to gather intelligence and evaluate a target so as to choose the correct breaching method for the given target. Dependent on the target to be breached, a small amount of explosives will be used in a very concise and precise manner to achieve our objective. Obstacle Breaching Theory Obstacle breaching is the employment of a combination of tactics and techniques to project combat power to the far side of an obstacle.

The physics, strategies, and tactics are equally relevant to Law Enforcement and SOF, OGA Specialty Teams. (6) Breaching apparatus designed to provide rapid entry into a building or through a secured doorway, including equipment that is mechanical, such as a battering ram, ballistic, such as a slug, or that is explosive in nature. The breaching sleeve has bungee and tension locks to secure breaching charges.

All replica explosives and weapons are 100% inert and non-hazardous. SET offers a complete solution for breacher training. explosive breaching door or others, arising from or out of any occurrence on or about the venue where the product is being used for its intended purpose or in connection with any event wherein the product is being used for its intended purpose; (2) the use of explosive equipment, devices, materials, or S unny Orlando is the ideal destination for the NTOA’s 36th Annual Law Enforcement Operations Conference and Trade Show.

I. Additional Equipment and Attire needed » Tuition units which require operational knowledge and capacities in the field of explosive breaching. The platoon leader advises the breaching force leader on the location, size, and number of lanes to be created (01-1920.

The Handbook includes information on Target Intelligence, Explosive Breaching Safety, Breaching Charge construction, and other technical data. Duration: 5 days Cost: $1350 Students: 8 Min – 24 Max Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military, or Government Agencies Only. Next time you’re looking for EOD tools, blasting mats, explosives storage magazines, or any other piece of professional equipment, trust the pros at Blasters Tool and Supply.

These frames are used by bomb technicians and SWAT teams during tactical operations to facilitate rapid entry into a Kodiak Tactical Systems is dedicated to developing and manufacturing the products you need to succeed. Steel framed door with a revolutionary patented hinge system that allows for almost any breaching scenario. In addition to the mechanical breaching equipment, I carry the non-explosive (explosives delivered at scene)materials to build explosive charges for those "need to get in quick" scenarios.

2 during Exercise Cobra Gold 2009. The aim of this 5 day course is to introduce the student to time tested and operationally proven drills and procedures in order to establish or further enhance an existing explosive breaching program within their unit or department. Axis History Forum.

75 lbs Collapsed Length: 4' 7" (55") Extended Length: 7' 4" (88") PRICING Price $780. In doing so, the student will be able to identify the explosive materials used (I,e, blasting caps), the hazards involved, target make-up, and proper breaching selection. I know this is painting with a broad brush, but what is everyone using for carrying strip charges, IDC's, and shock tube for breaching? Just looking for new ideas .

Body armor (vest, helmet, etc. July 2005 Background The National Mutual Aid and Resource Management Initiative supports the National Incident Management System (NIMS) by establishing a comprehensive, integrated national mutual aid and resource management system that provides the basis to type, order, and track all (Federal, State, and local) response assets. - Tactical Energetic Entry Systems to provide world class global training for explosive breaching.

n. The power of the explosive is effectively multiplied by the water tamping of the charge reducing the net explosive quantity required for a successful breach by at least half. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help with all of your tactical breaching product needs.

Equipment issued should have been evaluated against these operational requirements. Kiwi Breaching Products. Understanding the hazard puzzle.

Each technician has attended a post-blast investigation course, and is qualified to assist other agencies in bomb disposal This breaching technology can take many forms including vehicle supported, hydraulic, explosive, and ballistic breaching. The tools are kitted to satisfy all the urban breaching requirements of the military, police and public safety rescue teams. Combat engineers and Marines work together during a live explosive door breaching techniques training at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

The NTOA Tactical Response and Operations Standard for Law Enforcement Agencies could not have been developed without the combined effort of numerous dedicated SWAT operators and tactical commanders that are members of the NTOA organization. Explosive breaching requires some stand off distance after placement, group organization and technical know how. Looking for Breaching Tools and wanting to try them out.

Calculating NEW, incident overpressure values and frag distances for safe stacking . Explosive Breaching has really evolved over the years into a science. Explosive shot documents E-Z Breach product line includes water impulse charge bladders, water tamp charge bladder and adapaters for explosive breaching.

A. Breaching Equipment Extrication Camouflage and Solar Shade Systems Expeditionary Ancillary Equipment Flooring Perimeter Support Dual Handle Explosive Storage ITTS will provide breaching shotgun shells, but you are encouraged to bring some as well. I'm looking for advice on a couple guns to look at and what equipment would have to come with it to make it effective.

Drilling access holes through concrete, wood and sheet metal, with the PKI 7545 breaching system makes searching sealed voids becomes quick and easy. These patented engineered pins are an integral part of the REAL LIFE breach training systems provided by BTI. Although the entire SWAT team contacted to receive explosive training, the four man breaching team would be tasked with actual explosive entries.

It seems explosive breaching is a recognized need by DHS and agencies are seeing the need to start programs. Though more specifically these products are flexible, fillable, and/or inflatable bladders, commonly called breach bags or breach bladders. Explosive Breaching / Non-Explosive Breaching Tools MED-ENG The Safariland Group Med-Eng is a leading global brand of Explosive Ordnance Disposal equipment and brings with it more than 30 years of expertise and market leadership.

Maximizing the element of surprise while minimizing the risk of users and targets is paramount. VALLEY SWAT is proud to offer Explosive Breaching for Law Enforcement COURSE DESCRIPTION: Through classroom and practical instruction and exercises, this course will provide police officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct basic explosive breaching. offers an Electro Hydraulic Breaching kit; a unique low-weight hydraulic rescue tool kit designed and built to meet the requirements of SWAT and Rescue team communities.

Internationally renowned, all T. Breaching reconnaissance Identification of fortifications and locking mechanisms Manual breaching Hydraulic breaching Ballistic/shotgun breaching Exothermic breaching - BROCO torch Rescue saw Overview of explosive breaching Pedagogy; SWAT type uniform Highest rated ballistic vest All Swat web type gear, helmet, holster belt etc. Designed to hold mechanical breaching tools or external explosive breaching charges.

This means that no projectile or explosive energy leaves the device except for the force of the ram which is permanently captured in the device. Each participant is required to provide the following items and equipment for Tripwire’s Explosive Breaching Training Course: Breaching administration . The metals that the manufacturer uses can tell you a lot about the tool and how it will withstand the harsh breaching environment.

developing an explosive breaching policy ATF regulations, hazards, and safety theory of explosive breaching materials and equipment documentation charge calculations building, placing, and firing of charges Equipment Required: long-sleeve BDU uniform, helmet, gloves, eye and ear protection, plate carrier with The Breach Training Door provides the training tool for personnel to learn the skills of forcible approach techniques, tactics, and procedures. Explosive Storage. Explosive breaching of walls with contact charges: theory and applications Abstract Breaching activities are required for military operations in urban environment and for firefighters in emergency situations for saving lives.

It uses the force of one or two flashbangs and focuses it on the door knob/lock. 11 Number Of breaching systems that are mission capable. While they showed me several of their pieces of equipment, I though this Mini Quick Saw would be a great place to start.

A department policy or recognized procedure that allows officers to think for themselves and make immediate decisions with what they are faced without obtaining direct supervision’s approval. As its name implies, it is useful not only for door breaching, but it can also cut mild steel chain and destroy captured enemy equipment. com serves the EOD and Commercial Blasting markets.

German Mine Breaching Equipment. 21 May 2012. breaching synonyms, breaching pronunciation, breaching translation, English dictionary definition of breaching.

These charges are used in Explosive Method of Entry (EMoE) and explosive breaching tasks. We are extremely proud of our close working relationships with our customers in the tactical community, and by constantly reacting to their operational feedback. Yes, it’s a modified commercial product but its not just a paint job.

Alford Technologies is an award-winning UK based company that specializes in developing highly innovative explosive tools to support Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Breaching/Explosive Method of Entry (EMoE) and Explosive Engineering communities. The Breaching System is the fastest method available to positively locate victims of structural collapse. com, find free presentations research about Tactical Breaching PPT The Bomb Unit uses specialized equipment to diagnosis and render suspicious packages safe.

Ukrainian combat training center engineers detonate an explosive charge to breach a door before entering a mock building as part of training with Canadian and U. T1G employs the use of Current Force equipment that supports relevant operations in multiple conflicts/theaters around the globe. CONTENT: Mechanical, ballistic and explosive breaching tactics and protocols are presented, examined and discussed.

Join The OTOA; Members Log In; Welcome to the OTOA Website NAVMC 3500. Equipment Requirements: Bomar Tactical Training Group. I am surprised no one is talking about explosive breaching.

The tactical fitness training within the locker offers the athlete another dimension to the workout and training process - with the ability to train up to 100 athletes. Sgt. The Bomb Unit trains bi-weekly in order to maintain proficiency in the skills needed to carry out the bomb disposal mission.

Our staff consists of current and former law enforcement officers and trainers, current and retired military personnel, and SWAT Operators, and manufacturing professionals, all of whom are masters in their field of expertise. Explosive breaching program equipment . PRODUCT DETAILS Total Weight: 11.

engineers to build the Ukrainian * APPENDIX M FIELD-EXPEDIENT BREACHING OF COMMON URBAN BARRIERS An integral part of combat in built-up areas is the need to gain access to compounds, buildings, and rooms. Mechanical breaching, usually with mine plows or mine rakes. Cobra Gold is a regularly scheduled The Python Minefield Breaching System is used by the British Army to clear minefields.

It is perhaps the single most difficult combat task a force can encounter. Built to Last for Life in Intense Explosive Breach Training Environments The general-purpose charge is the most useful preassembled charge for breaching a door or other barrier. Explosive breaching of walls, demolition of buildings with high structural robustness and non-programmed explosions may be extremely dangerous, the high risk of these events demands continuous The necessary equipment to defeat the threat – long guns, extra ammo, and in my opinion a good breaching tool (sledgehammer).

These methods may be divided up into mechanical breaching, ballistic breaching, explosive breaching and thermal breaching. The unique design of Breach Door supports five different breaching scenarios: Ram, Pry, Shotgun, Explosive, and Failed. The frame can be free standing, or mounted directly to a wall.

12 Number Of friendly and neutral casualties caused by detonation SWAT team make a demonstration of how to gain entry to a residence without injuring hostages or people inside. Ruhl Tech 1 Man Ram - This Ruhl Tech breaching tool is made in the USA and has a liftetime warranty! Ideal for SWAT teams! Atherton’s bomb tech background in the Marines and the FBI made him well-suited for a new explosive breaching capability the HRT wanted to use (see sidebar), but first he had to survive the rapid assault tools We are manufacturers of forced entry tools and training products. 1.

The Lunch Box mates well with the DARC breaching curriculum and theory and is available for use in DARC breaching courses. Official source for BLACKHAWK® tactical Dynamic Entry gear. In addition the instructor cadre will speak on what current teams have to offer should mutual aid be needed.

Breaching and Entering. Making an explosive charge detonate exactly when you want it to is the tough part. The Integrated Special Operations Training Facility (ISOTF™) is home to all resident SECURUS LLC-TATSOR™ Special Operations Training Services Group Programs.

I was selected to be a member of the explosive breaching team. Made by BlackBox Biometrics, Inc. All member comments were received and taken under consideration by the Standard Review Committee.

It will allow for more agencies to approach the standard of explosive breaching without actually crossing the threshold into such a valuable, yet controversial, area. BReaching . The door can be installed On successful completion of this course, the student will possess the necessary skills to safely and confidently employ explosive breaching charges in support of special operation missions.

Eliminates risk of collateral damage and liability from explosive entries. 3 m wide through which vehicles can pass. We pride ourselves providing you with the best breaching products and customer service possible.

Because of the fire-resistant properties of Breacher Paste, the customary "fireball I have been tasked with coming up with a proposal for a new breaching shotgun to supplement or replace my Agency's 870 breaching shotgun. Proof of employment and related duty assignment is required prior to purchase. Breaching Gear/Kit .

Highly portable. “Roger, ma’am,” replied Albertson. Define breaching.

Try them out at EOD Gear locations Placing breaching explosives like this frame charge requires steady nerves, thorough training and precisely timed blast tubes. (1) Start building the general-purpose charge with a length Law Enforcement and Security Resources FEMA 508-6. ALL PURPOSE BREACHING (APB) DOOR.

Breaching is a central element to many tactical operations. Shell holders, slings, sights, the works. Since 2005, Kiwi Breaching Products has been an industry leader in providing quality breaching products to Special Operation teams globally.

we are big fans of breaking things explosively and mechanically. Teams that do not have access to explosive breaching will be exposed to it through the instructor cadre. the amalgamation of breaching, shooting and fitness is the closest point to realism in the field - creating an effective training centre and output for operational readiness.

Vehicle supported breaching uses a vehicle to forcibly remove obstacles such as doors and windows using straps or chains attached to the vehicle and simply pulling those obstructions from the structure. At Omni Distribution Inc, we focus on Explosive Breaching. I began using the shotgun as a breaching tool in the late 1980’s while assigned to Special Operations.

Also, commanders at all levels assigned a mission to breach an obstacle system will find the necessary information for executing a breaching operation. ADDITIONAL COURSE INFORMATION: • This is a 9 day course, beginning on Monday and ending on Wednesday. FULL PRODUCT LINE COMING SOONALL EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL AND EXPLOSIVE BREACHER PRODUCTS ARE RESTRICTED.

b. This Breacher Blanket provides a portable, flexible, lightweight multi-purpose means of protection. ) Eye and ear protection; 200 rounds of factory ammunition * ITTS will have breaching tools on-hand for this class.

Our goal is to help you breach doors, walls, ceilings and concrete barriers. explosive, mechanical, etc. Explosive compositions and work effect .

Jonson Oimoen, a training officer with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion’s training cell said that frequently providing this kind of training keeps Marines familiar and up to speed on current methods and procedures. explosive breaching equipment

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